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ICP Membership application 
If you are interested in becoming an active member at ICP, please complete and sign the linked application: Click HERE to apply.
Then email the completed application to the ICP administration office at [email protected].
Please include the following documentation when sending the application:

a) Copy of license
b) Copy of professional liability policy
c) Reprints of professional articles, if available
d) Curriculum vitae

e) US $300.00 application fee (non-refundable; payable online by PayPal)
  • Membership fees: $1,200.00 each year due in October
  • Click here to pay the non-refundable application fee via paypal: $300.00.
In case of any other questions, please contact:
Mark Winitsky, PsyD, LMFT – Admissions Committee Chair
Office: (310) 600-3683

Email: [email protected]

Applicants will be evaluated by the Admissions Committee. Applicants for active membership in ICP shall possess the following credentials:

  • A. Graduation from a recognized psychoanalytic institute, or equivalent training, as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • B. Possession of a license from the State of California to practice in the mental health field.
  • C. Possession of malpractice insurance sufficient to cover responsibilities in the corporation as determined by the Board of Directors.
  • D. Analytic competence.
  • E. Ethical integrity.
  • F. Collegiality.
  • G. Interest in psychoanalysis as an evolving and developing science.
  • H. Open-mindedness.
  • I. Capacity for critical thinking.
  • J. Dedication to academic freedom