VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE: Primary Speech and the Silencing of Sexuality


3:30PM-6PM PST on ZOOM


Case Presentation by Ginna Clark, PsyD

Joined by Panelists:

Roberto D’Angelo, PsyD

Gerard Webster, PhD, PsyD

 Lynne Oliva, PysD


Join us for an evocative case presentation by ICP Graduate Ginna Clark who reveals how from a relational perspective, identity, including sexual identity can be seen to emerge in the two person dyad of patient and analyst.  Then we will explore the supervisory relationship, with it’s deep and complex influence on the field, through the live spontaneous supervisory comments offered by the unique points of view of three ICP Training and Supervising Analysts. 

Importantly, the process and content that emerges between the presenter and the discussants will reflect current ideas about sexuality and social narrative, as well as the time worn and more up to date theories of psychoanalysis. This taken together will give a full 360 view of training at ICP. 

Following the program, you will have the opportunity to meet our Instructors, Candidates, and explore ICP’s unique training opportunities in psychoanalysis. You will experience why ICP and it’s members are leaders in the psychoanalytic community as respected educators, scholars, clinicians, and clinical supervisors. We hope that you will be inspired by our rich and dynamic display of all that ICP has to offer.


To join us for this educational experience please RSVP by email to: [email protected] or by phone 310-207-8441.  Zoom link will be shared prior to the event start.